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I am 4!


Welcome to the magical realm of dance, where imagination takes flight and little hearts find their rhythm! At Heart To Sole Danceworks, our 4-Year-Old Dance Class is a spirited journey into the world of movement, expression, and discovery. Catered towards children between 3-5 years.

Sessional preschool classes
are a great way to get your child into dance! Your child can attend one or both sessions. Dancers may either continue with the same style of dance or try something new each session.  Spring sessional dancers will preform in the year end recital.

In our specially crafted 4-Year-Old Dance Class, we celebrate the boundless energy and natural curiosity of your little one. Led by our passionate instructors, each session is designed to weave together the joy of dance with foundational skills that will last a lifetime.

As your child dons their dancing shoes, they embark on a delightful adventure of creative exploration, building on their growing sense of independence and self-expression. Through a mix of imaginative play, age-appropriate choreography, and playful activities, we aim to nurture a love for dance that goes beyond the studio walls.

Join us in fostering a sense of confidence, camaraderie, and coordination in your little dancer. At Heart To Sole Danceworks, we understand the importance of these formative years, and our 4-Year-Old Dance Class is a stepping stone toward a future filled with grace, creativity, and the pure joy of movement. Let the dance dreams begin!"


Join our Winter Preschool classes!

In our 3- 5 Year-Old Dance Class, we celebrate the joy of discovery and the wonder of self-expression. As your little one takes those precious first steps into the world of dance, our nurturing instructors create a safe and playful environment, encouraging exploration and fostering a love for movement.

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Join us on this enchanting journey, where tiny toes twirl, giggles echo through the studio, and the joy of dance unfolds in every delightful sway. Let's embark on a dance-filled odyssey, where the magic of early childhood meets the enchantment of expression. Welcome to the beginning of a lifelong love affair with dance at Heart To Sole Danceworks!"

6 Fisher Crescent, Okotoks, AB T1S 1A4

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