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Heart To Sole Danceworks

A home away from home

At Heart To Sole, a dance class transcends the ordinary; it becomes a haven where our youth not only engage in the joy of dance but also cultivate friendships, glean invaluable life lessons, and embark on a journey of self-discovery within a nurturing and secure environment. We are dedicated to fostering a holistic approach, encouraging our students to find equilibrium across all facets of their lives, be it academics, family commitments, extracurricular pursuits, or their passion for dance. Our instructors, with a wealth of experience in the dance industry, bring highly qualified expertise to their respective disciplines.


Erin Kerr-Trethart's

Meet Erin Kerr-Trethart, the visionary owner of Heart To Sole Danceworks, founded in 2013, a dynamic dance studio located in the heart of Okotoks, Alberta. With a lifelong passion for dance, Erin has been a prominent figure in the dance industry, dedicating most of her life to the art form. Since taking the reins of Heart To Sole Danceworks in 2013, Erin has infused the studio with her expertise, creating a vibrant space that goes beyond dance instruction. Her commitment to fostering a sense of family and community within the studio is reflected in the multigenerational relationships that have blossomed under her guidance. Erin's journey in the dance world extends beyond studio ownership. Her experience includes managing prestigious dance competitions, showcasing her keen understanding of the industry's intricacies. Her leadership has not only elevated the studio's reputation but also provided a platform for aspiring dancers to excel in a supportive environment. Proud to be a part of Okotoks, Erin treasures the connections she has formed within the community. Her passion for dance, coupled with her dedication to building lasting relationships, has made Heart To Sole Danceworks a cherished institution in the fabric of Okotoks. Whether mentoring young dancers, organizing competitions, or strengthening ties with the local community, Erin Kerr-Trethart continues to shape the dance landscape with unwavering enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence.

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Establishment and Leadership:

  • Heart To Sole Danceworks, led by Erin Kerr-Trethart, has been a vibrant part of the dance community since 2013.

  • Erin Kerr-Trethart's direction has contributed to the studio's reputation as a fun and family-oriented dance destination.

Holistic Development:

The philosophy extends to encouraging students to balance various aspects of their lives, including school, family, and other extracurricular activities alongside their dancing pursuits.

Celebrating a Milestone:

The 2022/2023 season marks a significant milestone as Heart To Sole Danceworks celebrates its 10th season.

Highly Qualified Instructors:

Instructors at Heart To Sole are highly qualified in their respective disciplines and bring years of experience in the dance industry.

Philosophy and Values:

  • Heart To Sole views dance class as more than just an activity, emphasizing its role as a place for youth to make friends, learn life lessons, and explore their identities.

  • The studio is committed to providing a loving and safe environment for its students.

State-of-the-Art Facility:

The studio is housed in a spacious 7400 sq/ft facility featuring three large studios, a student/parent lounge, viewing windows, and a play area.

Get to know us

Nestled within a breathtaking 7400 sq/ft facility, our studio encompasses three expansive studios, a cozy student/parent lounge, viewing windows, and a specially designated play area.

At Heart To Sole, we pride ourselves on being more than just a dance studio; we are a home away from home. Our heartfelt desire is for every family to experience a profound sense of belonging—a place to dance, learn, thrive, and revel in the extraordinary experiences that life has to offer!

Meet Our Team

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